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Does discipline have anything to do with your motivation or success in sales? Can discipline be an effective habit to improve your good salesmanship? It’s interesting that sales people have different stigmas, labels and connotations, and not all of them are favorable. Some that come to mind are slick, fast-talking, the life of the party and those are the ones suitable for the work it seems. Discipline is probably not the first word that comes to mind when we think about sales. For you to overcome your bad salesmanship, you need to avoid unnecessary mistakes and focus on the disciplines discussed below. Prospecting Though many sales people despise prospecting, it’s an important part of sales. Unfortunately, the majority of sales reps use ineffective and archaic sales prospecting techniques, instead of the effective practices that could actually lead to a higher volume of better qualified leads. The discipline of prospecting requires that you speak to your target market

Seven (7) Simple Ways To Earn Self Respect

In our general life, it is imperative that the people with whom you work, relate and non-relati ves respect you but respect is never a given rather, it must always be earned. Your team might respect your work habits, your intelligence in decisions, your choices etc. in many ways such as your speech, presentation, how we treat ourselves and how we allow others to treat us. Self-respect is a fundamental for a great life . If we lack self-respect, we will be insecure and strive to be someone we are not. The only way to have self-respect is to earn it, by continuing to do the next right thing. If you can earn their respect as a person, then you’ve really won the game. Here are some tips that can help you earn self-respect.     First Respect Yourself Don’t hope for respect from people around you. Some people will respect you, others won’t, and you can’t control the kind of people you expect to respect you. Focus on feeling good about yourself and what you do. F